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This is a new discovery of mine though its apparently been around for a while. Some of you may have heard of programs like Maya, 3D Max, or SoftImage that are used to create animated movies as well as CGI for films and commercials. You probably know that those programs usually cost over $5,000 and are extremely difficult to learn. Well... here’s a FREE alternative which is so easy to learn that I managed to create a whole set and with animation in just 2 weeks of tinkering and watching free video tutorials, complete with a working animated fire in the fireplace!!! I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to create CGI effects in their films or for any other animation needs. There are tons of free video tutorials on YouTube and other sites.

Gromit visits my set.


Film Budgeting Program (MS Excel Template):
This is a Microsoft Excel file which has been formatted and programmed for movie budgeting. It will automatically re-enter your entries and generate calculations and update totals for you just like the $700 versions. A free budgeting program like Movie Magic Budgeting. You need to have MS Excel for this to work. Works on both Mac and PC platforms.

DOWNLOAD Movie Budget.xls

Film Scheduling (Template):
This is an MS Excel template of a Shooting Schedule. You can enter scenes in the “strips” and move them around. Unfortunately you’re going to have to add the page count manually but still, some of the work is done for you. There are two versions here. The first is a simple strip board. The second is a more professional version with separate sheets for Day Out Of Days for a 3 week shoot and a 4 week shoot.  These can easily be modified to however long a shoot you need. Version 2 (V2) actually has the first day filled out for a film of ours to give you an idea of how it works if you’re a beginner. Additionally you can add colors for the strips for Day, Night, INT, EXT. It’s all customizable!

DOWNLOAD Production Schedule v1.xls

DOWNLOAD 3 & 4 wk Schedule .xls

Call Sheet (MS Excel Template):
This is a template in MS Excel for a Call Sheet. There are two “sheets”, FRONT and BACK of the Call sheet in this workbook file. This particular one has been used on some high profile Hollywood productions as you can see from the entries still on the front!


Production Report (MS Excel Template):
After every day of shooting a Production Report for the day must be completed by the 2nd A.D. or if he’s lucky, the 2nd 2nd A.D.. Here is a template for one which we’ve used on many major productions. There are two “sheets”, FRONT and BACK of the Production Report in this workbook file.



Deal Memo: A blank deal memo we used for a past production in MS Word.
Deal Memo.doc

Release Form: A Release form for artists you hire. In MS Word doc.

DOWNLOAD Release form.doc

Feature Film Script Breakdown (PDF Template): A template for breaking down scripts.

DOWNLOAD Feature brkdwn.pdf

Location Breakdown (MS Excel Template): A clean way of organizing your locations.

DOWNLOAD Location Breakdown Blank.xls


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Fantasy Factory Inc. - Our sister production company. - Internet Movie Data Base, where you can find out who’s who in the film industry.

BIFF - Buffalo International Film Festival

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